1. End Times are coming to a close

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  2. End Times

    I don’t have much time and all functions google/youtube aren’t working right now, go figure, so I’ll be brief.

    Circumstances have changed and I can avoid being homeless by a landslide, the only problem is, no matter which option I choose, there’s no going back, because there won’t be anything to go back to. All in all, it’s time t pack it in, and get the hell out. The cogs of fate are turning, and I’m running out of time, these are the end times for this particular chapter in my life and it’s time it came to a close, and now I’m closing it.

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  3. photo


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  4. May I present….Aldus Valor

    May I present….Aldus Valor

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  5. TheNeoAtheist :D

    TheNeoAtheist :D

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  6. 'til Death From PhantomLion

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  7. FedoraGate: http://youtu.be/rsjyzujyJH0

    FedoraGate: http://youtu.be/rsjyzujyJH0

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  8. Quinn & Batista light up a joint.

    Quinn & Batista light up a joint.

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  9. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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